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Use our Housing List Blog to find landlords that have all kinds of affordable housing in your area. People use the Housing List Blog to find landlords or tenants. The Housing List Blog is unique in that it specializes in low rent apartment or mobile home listings and can only be found in the Online Packet.


What is an information retrieval service?

The primary function of any information retrieval service (Wikipedia definition) is to provide a collection of information that generally involves a wide range of subjects and is taken from other credible sources.

Prime examples of an information retrieval service would be agencies that specialize in credit reporting, direct mail advertising, dating websites or apartments listing services, etc. Often times these companies will obtain information available to the public and redistribute said information via a database they have created for better and easier access to said information in one easy to navigate location. A good example of this practice would be

These databases are maintained and updated by the information retrieval service. Sometimes this information can include fact finding or collecting profiles from clients, like a dating website. In most cases, the information obtained will be subject to frequent changes will need to be updated daily. A fee is typically charged for this process and their research. The goal is to provide accuracy and ease of use for their clients.

Different types of information retrieval services

  • Standard on-line information retrieval service:


  • On-line data base information retrieval service:


            • Social network data base information retrieval services:

What social aspect does the Online Packet offer?

The Housing List Blog located inside the Online Packet allows landlords and tenants to find each other nation wide. Members can message each other and upload photos and any information necessary to describe what they are renting or trying to rent.

The social aspect of the Online Packet comes from members creating profiles and messaging other members about what they are trying to buy, sell or rent. The database also provides members with the ability to make friends and chat.

The Online Packet never expires. After a one-time registration fee of $15.00, all clients have unlimited access to their Packet from now on.


What is subsidized housing?

Put simply, Subsidized housing is housing that is paid for, or sanctioned by a Federal agency. HUD is the government agency that gives funding to housing authorities that run various housing programs intended for a low income family or individual. Waiting lists for these programs can be extremely long. The Online Packet also helps their clients find open waiting lists for these programs nationwide on a daily basis.

If someone qualifies for this type of housing, they will only have to pay about 30% of their monthly income towards their rent, the Section 8 or subsidized housing program pays the rest.

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Apply for Section 8 in Atlanta, Georgia

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